About me

I am passionate about creating new concepts. Getting a concept from it's incubation stage and think about all the stages it should go to transform it into a product.

From websites to iot prototypes, going trough apps, videogames, bots and other experiments, I love helping an idea happen.

From time to time I like entering innovation contests and see if my ideas could make an impact in the world, and guess what - they have the potential to do so.

I love hackathons and try to go to them whenever I have the chance!. I am living in the CET timezone right now.

I have been working in several different sectors, which has given me a broad view of how things work in different areas.


Project management

From Team Management to the whole Project Managament - using Agile methologies like SCRUM or LEAN, making daily meetings and defining all the stages of the project life and following up.


If you have an idea and don't know how to start it, what would it be needed to complete it or what functionalities is it missing, you should contact me and we can together create something GREAT. Even if you only need wireframes to present to your favorite designer or if you only want to discuss a concept, contact me.

MVP prototyping

Do you have an idea for an awesome app or a great iot invention that could go viral fast ? I can create the prototype version of your idea so you can present it fast to your investors or show it in a fair or wherever you need it.


From landing pages to complex websites with custom CMRs to fit your needs. Standalone websites or containing databases.


I can offer native or hybrid apps to fit your needs -let's create together the next whatsapp!


Need to create an internet connected broom to let people know how many sweeps it take to clean your house? NO PROBLEM! Let's talk about the project and let's get to work.


Games to promote a business or a new concept that you might have - from game proofing to the demo release!


This is what computers were made for! Making humans life easier. If you need to fetch or parse daily information from different sites or feeds or automate system or programs tasks, just look for the white button below the line and press it to let me know more about it!


Do you have a question, a concept or something that would not fit in any of these categories? Ask me about it! If it can be imagined, it can be created!

Would you like to know more or just discuss something?

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My work

Here you can see a selection of project that I have made:




Your complement to learn a foreign language!

Creating a handy tool to help users to start learning vocabulary in a daily basis - providing a new word in the user selected language along with an example sentence and the spoken word and sentence of the daily word. Available in 26 languages.

This project is one of those where I created everything from scratch - all the backend and frontend, the website and the Android apps.

Technologies used: Android Studio, Java, PHP, MySQL.

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Feedback buttons

Customer satisfaction push buttons w/ webpanel

Hardware satisfaction buttons that provide businesses with a way to keep track of feedback of clients that have visited their store.

The customer just needs to press the button corresponding to how they feel after their interaction with the clerks or other personnel of the store and it will be saved in an online database.

The business owner will be later be able to retrieve all the information stored.

If you're interested in knowing more, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page with the subject "FEEDBACK BUTTONS".

Technologies used: Arduino, ESP8266, C, HTML, PHP, MySQL, javascript



Promotions geolocation platform

Sundr is a French startup that aims to provide proximity geolocalized promotions to all the people using their system.

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Keep track of your everyday businesses and clients

MapIT is a key partner in your everyday tracking of businesses, providers and clients. Think about it as your own geolocated agenda, with quick accesses to the most relevant information.

The platform is available right now in English and Spanish and it's free to use.

Technologies used: HTML, javascript, PHP, MySQL.

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Wiseup meter

App to manually enter readings of different counters

App made to manually enter the reading of different counters like electricity, water, gas, etc. for the WiseUp Building Analytics platform.

The idea behind this app was to create a simple way to be able to record the readings of different meters that were isolated, allowing a person to get to that place, save the values and once that person was in an area with internet connection the values would get updated.

Technologies used: Ionic Framework, javascript, HTML, CSS.

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Infinite gravity-switching scroller game

This is a multi platform infinite scroller game made with Godot Game Engine.

This is one of those "one button" games where only one tap is used to interact with the game - so tapping anywhere in the screen will make the character to switch gravity.

The game goal here is simple: get as many points as you can without dying!

Technologies used: Godot Game Engine, GDScript, Admob.

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Social Button

Instant social network message button

Project to deliver quick preset messages to custom social networks.

If you're interested in knowing more, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page with the subject "SOCIAL BUTTON".

Technologies used: Arduino, ESP8266, C, HTML, PHP, MySQL, javascript



App to check the air quality in Catalonia

Developing the Android version of Aire.Cat for the Catalan Government, an app that allows citizens to check the air quality in different areas of Catalonia.

The app shows the user the real time levels of the following contaminants : O3, NO2 and PM10

Technologies used: Android Studio, Java, Google Maps.

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Vespa Velutina

App to keep track of vespa velutina sightings

Vespa Velutina is an app to help locate and then eradicate the Asian wasp.

The application allows a user to geolocalize the positions of new sightings of specimens of the Asian wasp, and indicate if a hive or wasp has been found, as well as include essential information such as the number of specimens seen, a photo of the place to facilitate the subsequent location of the sighting and a description to help get to the place.

Technologies used: Android Studio, Java, Google Maps, MySQL, PHP.

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Bubble tapping game (in HD!)

Multi platform casual game created using Corona SDK.

This game features three different game modes and a global leaderboard.

Technologies used: Corona SDK, LUA, MySQL, PHP.

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20-piece puzzles for kids

Multi platform puzzle game created using Corona SDK for the youngest ones.

This game six different simple puzzles with colorful pictures and music.

Technologies used: Corona SDK, LUA, MySQL, PHP.

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Low cost automated solution to backup web servers or files

Custom solution that fits most small businesses that don't want to get messed with IT stuff. Just fill in your connection parameters, set your copying options and choose the time - and that's it!

Some of the customers users this solutions are small web solutions providers, photographers, small app developer teams and so on! Almost anyone who works online might be suitable for this solution!

If you're interested in knowing more, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page with the subject "LOW COST BACKUP SYSTEM".

Technologies used: Raspberry pi, Bash, Linux.



Consulting and wireframing for a karaoke platform

Consulting, wireframing and designing the database a karaoke platform - where users would be able to select the songs from the djs and the djs would know who is next and what song he or she will sing.

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